Sustainable solution with superior mechanical properties

The worldwide patented ThermHex technology for the continuous production of honeycomb cores supports the production of highly cost efficient and resource friendly lightweight sandwich structures. The rPET honeycomb cores is based on recycled PET and combines the superior mechanical properties from PET-material with sustainability. The rPET core offers high stiffness and strength in compression and shear, high temperature stability and has an excellent weight to cost ratio. Additional to the CO2 reduction due to the lower weight in the application, the rPET honeycomb core further reduces your CO2-footprint. The carbon dioxide equivalent, the amount of CO2 that would have the same global warming potential (GWP), is for 100 kg rPET-core lower compared to all other core materials available on the market.


Our rPET honeycomb cores are finished with a PET film. This film avoids the resins to ingress into the open cells during converting and in this way assures stable mechanical properties in the finished part. At the same time, the quantity of resin needed for processing is reduced to a minimum. On top of the PET film is a second surface finish, the well known standard PET non-woven material, which enables an easy and reliable bonding of various types of skin materials with all common adhesives.

rPET honeycomb core is your contribution to a sustainable future!

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