Key advantages:

  • Significant weight saving
  • Major cost reduction
  • Superior surface quality
  • Safe and simple processing
  • Improved noise and temperature insulation

One of EconCore’s  first licensees, ThermHex Waben GmbH, produces ThermHex polypropylene honeycombs cores. Thesecores are used in a wide range of applications in industrial lightweight construction like the construction industry, vehicle and automobile production, shipbuilding, sport and leisure equipment and many more.

ThermHex processing

Thermhex polypropylene honeycomb cores are suitable as a core material for the manufacture of sandwich panels by laminating with a range of skins and by various production processes; i.e. Hand aminating for the manufacture of panels with glass-fibre skins, hermoplastic lamination or bonding with duromer adhesives.


ThermHex honeycomb cores are made with a packaging film of polypropylene as standard. This prevents the ingress of resin into the cells during processing, and therefore safeguards uniformity in the mechanical characteristics of the finished component. This also reduces the quantity of adhesive required to the minimum necessary. Polyester fleece layers on both sides are used to finish, achieving a surface for perfect bonding with the core. To download the brochure click here.

ThermHex Core

Technical parameters

PPcore technical param