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Typical applications

• Railway interior components
• Aircraft interior components
• Panelling in other applications requiring enhanced fire safety

Key advantages

• Cost reduction through EconCore’s continuous production technology
• High mechanical performance, superior to FST/FR grades of foam cores
• Enhanced fire safety (EN45545 (railway) and FAR25.853 (aviation) standards)
• 100% thermoplastic sandwich panel solution upon combination of thermoplastic honeycomb core and thermoplastic skins
• Short cycle and cost-effective processing through compression molding
• Weight reduction, increased fuel efficiency
• The option of in-line integration of skin lamination
• Enhanced acoustics
• Heat resistance
• Eco friendly, minimal environmental impact

Most popular honeycomb core materials in these applications:


Most popular sandwich skin materials in these applications:

Thermoplastic composites, thermoset composites

We offer engineering services to select and optimize core-skin material combinations providing maximal mechanical performance at an optimal compromise between material cost, production cost and weight saving.

Honeycomb cores and sandwich panels produced using EconCore technology can be used for a variety of applications in numerous markets like packaging, automotive, building and construction, furniture, interior, etc.

The cost efficient EconCore technology allows the integration of formerly batch-wise processes into an in-line continuous sandwich panel and part making process, hence reducing production costs and increasing sales potential.


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At EconCore, we recognize the demand and necessity to move towards more sustainable use of natural resources and towards a more circular economy. Looking to our origin, the honeycomb – a structure delivering high performance at minimal amount of raw material being used, and to our track record of constant optimization of our technology, we are proud of our efforts to drive sustainability. We continue to challenge ourselves to apply our honeycomb technology for various applications driving a more sustainable future.

The essence of EconCore is weight saving – making lightweight honeycomb materials. The lightweight sandwich structures are very strong – stronger and lighter than monolithic materials such as solid composites. Our technology to continuously produce honeycomb cores combines the excellent mechanical properties and the low weight of aerospace honeycomb structure with the automated production and low conversion cost of packaging processes. With the versatility to combine different core and skin materials using EconCore’s continuous, cost-efficient process technology, honeycomb core materials are finding their way into an increasing range of applications. Lightweighting can lead to economic rewards and to reduced environmental impact.

Already longer time ago EconCore technology has proven to work with bio-based thermoplastic materials. Over last years, there has been a focus on recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET), which once took the form of a plastic bottle or other post-consumer or post-industrial waste, and can be transformed into second generation products, now including technical honeycombs. This recycling of plastic bottles is an important step forward in the pursuit of sustainability, as waste can now be converted into performance-to-weight-optimized honeycomb structures. Beyond RPET from bottles, the technology can also use other RPET waste streams that are otherwise difficult to find recycling applications.

As the technology develops, and really starts to take hold of the industry, we hope we will see more sustainable materials within design and manufacturing on a much larger scale. There is a surplus of man-made resources just waiting to be used and we hope we can begin to think of plastics in a much more positive light.

JEC World 2022, 8-10 March 2022, Paris, France

 LOGO JW22 Black

JEC World is the only global trade show dedicated to composite materials and applications. Taking place in Paris, JEC World is the industry’s leading annual event, hosting all the major players in a spirit of innovation, business and networking. JEC World has become a celebration of composites and a “think tank” featuring hundreds of product launches, awards ceremonies, competitions, conferences, live demonstrations and networking opportunities. All these features unite to make JEC World a global festival for business, discovery and inspiration.

Please visit us at stand Q 85 Hall 6!

Composite Sandwich Conference, 24 - 25 May 2022, Halle (Saale), Germany

 cscc 2022 new date

ThermHex Waben and Fraunhofer IMWS are organizing the Composite Sandwich Conference in Halle (Saale) on February 2 and 3, 2022 to exchange knowledge on current trends in material and technology development in the field of composite sandwich construction.

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