Behind the scenes at EconCore through the eyes of our intern, Victoria Safin Timurova

Published on 09-06-2022

victoria safin timurovaWhy did you choose EconCore to do your internship?
EconCore’s RPET honeycomb core intrigued me because of my previous experience with RPET and my passion towards sustainability and for the environment. I was interested in learning for what applications RPET could be used, how it is processed and the challenges that come with it.

What's the best thing about your internship?
To work independently and have a lot of freedom and possibilities within my internship. One of my favourite moments were the meetings where my mentor, promotor and I came up with new ideas during the discussion of my findings and analyses. On top of that, I am blessed to work in a small company with very friendly colleagues.

What would you do during a typical day?
During a typical day at EconCore, I would start my work with a cup of coffee to activate my brain. After that, depending on my planning, I would do some literature study, execute DSC measurements, analyse experimental results, do various tasks in the work hall, or contact external companies.

Why did you choose to study chemistry/material science?
Chemistry has always fascinated me; it is full of surprises and new knowledge that feeds my natural curiosity. My interest in material science arose more recently during my bachelor’s internship in which I did research on the upcycling of RPET into engineering thermoplastics. During my current internship, my interest grew even more.

What about the continuous honeycomb technology that surprises you?
I am surprised by how many materials with different properties can be processed in the continuous honeycomb technology and by the number of applications it can be used in.

What has been the biggest impact/challenge during your studies from the coronavirus pandemic?
For me, the biggest challenge was to stay concentrated and motivated during online classes. And I missed laughing and destressing with my classmates during the breaks.

What are you passionate about professionally or personally?
Professionally, I am passionate about the combination of polymer chemistry and sustainability. Exploring new polymers, discovering their properties, and doing research on their sustainability is what drives me to work hard. Personally, l like to be creative and put my creativity into my work.

What is the most challenging part of your tasks?
I find it challenging to evaluate and summarize the bountiful available information, findings and results that I gathered during my internship into one clear report.

What is sustainability for you?
A world where people work together to take care of the planet both for current and future generations.