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Latest News

EconCore appoints aerospace honeycomb expert as CTO EconCore, world leader in thermoplastic honeycomb core technology, has appointed Olivier Rozant as Chief Technical Officer from January 2021.

[view details]15-02-2021

Fynotej announce two new automotive OEM contracts using EconCore’s honeycomb core technology EconCore’s thermoplastic, honeycomb technology is now being introduced into two of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers by non-woven specialists, Fynotej.

[view details]14-01-2021

EconCore joins Audi and others to develop composite battery casings EconCore is pleased to announce a partnership involving AZL, Audi and others to establish the potential of using composites for battery housings.

[view details]23-11-2020

Composite materials for lighter vehicles The automotive industry has long been seeking to find a cost-effective solution to weight reduction.

[view details]20-10-2020

EconCore proud to be key partner of sustainable concept LUCA car EconCore, is proud to be a major partner of an innovative project to build a car made entirely out of recycled materials by the TU/ecomotive team at Eindhoven University of Technology, launched on 8 October 2020.

[view details]08-10-2020

Thermoplastic composite honeycomb sandwich material combinations

[Published on: 29-01-15]

Triggered by the market trends, EconCore has been recently focusing on sandwich panels based 100% on thermoplastic composite materials.
Sandwich panels with glass fibre reinforced thermoplastics skins offer a unique set of properties and are the latest development of EconCore. These sandwich panels with skins made of reinforced thermoplastics (usually PP or, for higher heat resistance demanding applications - PA) offer not only excellent rigidity at minimal weight but also toughness which is due to the thermoplastic composite material system. EconCore, working with partners, has proven good thermoformability of this sandwich solution and the readiness of adapting the conversion technology for mass scale automotive and transportation applications. EconCore is capable of production of such composite panels in smaller series and is evaluating the perspectives of licensing of the integrated ThermHex technology for larger volume production of such thermoplastic composite honeycomb sandwich material combinations.