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Latest News

JEC Composites Webinar Thermoplastic Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Technology – Meeting the Cost-Efficiency and Sustainability Targets

[view details]17-09-2020

EconCore, Toray and Bostik collaborate on the development of FST qualified thermoplastic honeycomb panels EconCore, Toray Advanced Composites and Bostik, are celebrating the development of a thermoplastic honeycomb core sandwich panel for use in mass transportation applications, including aircraft interiors.

[view details]07-09-2020

Thermoplastic honeycomb technology reduces the Hyundai Creta’s trunk floor weight by 20% EconCore, a specialist in lightweight thermoplastic honeycomb core technology, and DPA Moldados, a tier 1 automotive supplier, have developed innovative technology which has reduced the weight of the Hyundai Creta’s trunk floor by 20%.

[view details]25-05-2020

Recycled PET honeycomb now commercially viable using EconCore’s technology Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) honeycomb is now commercially ready and available to licence from EconCore.

[view details]12-03-2020

EconCore celebrates new licensing agreements and presents new application developments at JEC World 2020 EconCore, world leader in lightweight thermoplastic honeycomb core technology, is celebrating the announcement of new licensees at JEC World 2020 in Paris, France.

[view details]20-01-2020

Product innovation: Next Generation Metal Composite Panels

[Published on: 09-02-11]

EconCore combined its thermoplastic ThermHex honeycomb core with metal skins into a well balanced material system. Outstanding low weight of this solution compared to any solid metal sheet is just one of the features that has been proven. After developing know-how and through optimisation of interfacial bonding and efficient structural design, EconCore explored both, the Steel – Thermoplastic Hybrid as well as Aluminium Composite Panel, demonstrating their excellent mechanical performance-to-weight ratio. Tomasz Czarnecki, technical marketing manger says: “Thanks to utilisation of ThermHex technology the system cost can be kept as low as the weight of the hybrid. This opens up new perspectives for installing the technologies for production of panels for cost sensitive applications, replacing either current, more expensive and heavier sandwich solutions or solid sheet products.”The above is possible due to the continuous production process where a polymer film is extruded and directly converted into a honeycomb core. In a next step in the in-line process the metal skins are applied and bonded so that a sandwich panel is produced.

A high aesthetical effect and smooth surface of the Metal Composite Panels with ThermHex core can be achieved due to the ultra small size of cells of the honeycomb core.

High stiffness, low weight, good thermal insulation, magnetic properties (for steel faced panels) as well as smooth surface (coloured if needed) make the ThermHex product with metal skins a first line candidate for use in many applications, including panels for interior and exterior cladding, visual communication, solar energy, elevators, rolling stock, automotive and trucks, ship building and many others.

More technical information, including product leaflets, for both material combinations is available in the download section of the website