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Latest News

EconCore appoints aerospace honeycomb expert as CTO EconCore, world leader in thermoplastic honeycomb core technology, has appointed Olivier Rozant as Chief Technical Officer from January 2021.

[view details]15-02-2021

Fynotej announce two new automotive OEM contracts using EconCore’s honeycomb core technology EconCore’s thermoplastic, honeycomb technology is now being introduced into two of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers by non-woven specialists, Fynotej.

[view details]14-01-2021

EconCore joins Audi and others to develop composite battery casings EconCore is pleased to announce a partnership involving AZL, Audi and others to establish the potential of using composites for battery housings.

[view details]23-11-2020

Composite materials for lighter vehicles The automotive industry has long been seeking to find a cost-effective solution to weight reduction.

[view details]20-10-2020

EconCore proud to be key partner of sustainable concept LUCA car EconCore, is proud to be a major partner of an innovative project to build a car made entirely out of recycled materials by the TU/ecomotive team at Eindhoven University of Technology, launched on 8 October 2020.

[view details]08-10-2020

EconCore Shows its Lightweight Honeycomb Production Technology at K 2019

[Published on: 27-08-19]

EconCore, known for its cutting-edge thermoplastic honeycomb technology, will showcase its new lightweight honeycomb solutions for various industries at K 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany. EconCore’s patented ThermHex technology has been licensed to a number of market leading companies around the world. The number of users is growing fast, as is the range of applications including automotive and transportation, industrial packaging, and building and construction.

On stand C37, in hall 8A, EconCore will present the benefits of the honeycomb core structure made with weight savings and performance in mind. The high-speed, high-efficiency continuous process produces honeycombs from a wide range of thermoplastics and laminates them in-line with skin materials of various types, including polypropylene, other thermoplastics, composites and metals. The high level of integration helps to ensure exceptional cost-effectiveness, not possible with any other conventional honeycomb technology. The combination of thermoplastic honeycomb cores and different skin types, results in materials with excellent qualities, including superior rigidity, strength and impact resistance. Generally, for all applications the EconCore technology offers an exceptional rigidity to weight ratio, well addressing the market needs. At the same time, the technology is capable of offering fast return on investment – compared to solid polymer sheets or solid polymer cored sandwich panels, only the pure material savings can range millions of Euro.

“Our aim is to continuously improve upon the technology to further develop the process and open new application possibilities,” says Tomasz Czarnecki, COO at EconCore. “EconCore is excited to exhibit at K 2019 for the second time. We are looking forward to engaging into discussions with market leaders oriented towards innovation, performance and sustainability, and who want to ensure their long-term positioning on the market.”

EconCore’s subsidiary company based in Germany, ThermHex Waben GmbH – which is co-exhibiting at K 2019 - is advancing with commercialization of Organosandwich materials. These are sandwich panels, which have continuous glass fiber reinforced polymer skins laminated over polypropylene honeycomb cores within the continuous in-line production process. The Organosandwich materials can be used in a wide variety of applications in vehicles – from the trunk floor to underbody panels and rear parcel shelves. The Organosandwich can be short cycle thermoformed and functionalized by injection moulding, accommodating for direct functionalization and insert placement. “With the Organosandwich we enable cost-reducing lightweight automotive parts in order to reduce fuel consumption, which has a positive effect on CO2 emissions and the environment” says Dr. Pflug, CEO of ThermHex Waben and EconCore.